One Student Council for all KU Leuven students!

Student representation at KU Leuven has a rich tradition. In the 1960s, several separate councils were established to deal with student representation. Social Council, the best known council, represented students (‘co-governance’) within the student services of KU Leuven. In addition, it was also concerned with broader social issues. This council organised demonstrations and actions that made them known inside and outside the university.

‘Kringraad’ was established as a result of the co-governance that students acquired within the academic bodies of KU Leuven. The other councils dealt with culture, sports and international students. In May 1969 the umbrella student council ASR (General Student Council) was founded to unite all councils. Within this ASR, the councils continued to work independently. In 1986 ASR was disbanded and LOKO (Leuven Overkoepelende KringOrganisatie) was founded. Despite this, the councils continued to work independently under this umbrella. It was not until 2005 that the various councils were finally merged into a centralised LOKO.

Because of the impending integration, in 2013, the student work had to look for a new model of representation. It was decided to split LOKO into a campus council (which retains the name LOKO) and a university-wide student council, the Student Council KU Leuven. The split means a de facto return to the structure of 40 years ago. LOKO and the other campus councils fulfil the role of Social Council and the KU Leuven Student Council the role of ‘Kringraad’. The Student Council KU Leuven represents all students of KU Leuven, whether they study in Leuven or elsewhere, whether they are Flemish or international students.