Who are we?

Behind the name Stura (Student Council) is, of course, a full team that is constantly working on student representation. On this page, you will find the functions and email adresses of each team member. 

Daily Office

The Daily Office (DO) looks after the day-to-day operations of Stura. They are constantly managing and organizing and form the core of our student council. 

Vincent Hofmans


Andreas Vandingenen


Matthias D'helft

Campus Coordinator

Mats Muyllaert

Group board SET

Academic Council

Chloë Wilssens

Group Board HUM

Academic Council

General Office

The General Office (GO) is Stura’s general team. It consists of several mandataries, each with their own specialisation and sub-domain. 

Louis Dewez

Education Council

Eline Gonnissen

Education Council

Matijs Loeckx

Education Council

Gwen Martens

Education Council

Ernette Munyalibanje

Education Council

Christiana Galani


Mascha Graupe

UNA Europa

Aaron Hacker

UNA Europa

Marte Polspoel

Master of Teaching

Pieter Metten

Student Services

Ping Jiang

Student Services

Dries Paesen


Rune Vercauteren



Of course, an organisation like Stura is not complete without its staff. The staff and jobstudents don’t only support the DO and GO, but also provide the necessary training and structural organisation within Stura.

Yune Paepe


General & Training

Rianne Brinksma



Mirte Boonen

Job student

Administration | Editor

Quincy Snoeys

Job student

General | Editor

Sam Mechelmans

Job student

Editor | Translator

Sabeth Malfliet

Job student

Editor | Translator