Training opportunities

Stura offers training for all student representatives. There are training sessions at different levels, for beginners as well as for experienced representatives. There are introductory sessions, such as How to POC and Stura 101, but also more in-depth sessions such as Financing of Higher Education. They are always given as interactively as possible, because dry material is sometimes rather boring (think of that one professor who reads the PowerPoint and you are guaranteed to fall asleep). Below, you will find an overview of all training courses offered by Stura:

First, some explanation is given about what a POC is, then the participants get to work themselves during the simulation of a POC.

Have you ever wanted to enter a debate with your professors and dean on a theme of your choice? Or is your ultimate dream to give our rector a run for his money?

Everything is possible!

Together with the Student Council KU Leuven you choose the ultimate location and a good moderator, we provide the promo and a drink afterwards! Not sure how to prepare something like that? No problem at all. We have a lot of sample presentations!

How do you best reach, inform and enthuse the students of your faculty?

In this session, you will learn all about Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms, how to build a good communication strategy, ánd copywriting tips and tricks to take your digital channels to the next level.                                                      

Do you have other communication needs? Then be sure to contact us for a tailor-made communication formation!

For the COBRA talks, representatives are called upon to lead the talks. The training teaches techniques on how to lead a conversation, how to deal with different kinds of people, what needs to be prepared and so on.

In this type of session you get to work yourself. The subject can be very variable: how do you experience being a student, what does your (P)OC or FO look like, how do you deal with problems,… The most important thing is that tips and tricks are passed on to each other, here often things come up that seem self-evident but not always are.

In this session, the basics of Stura are explained: what exactly does Stura do, in what way, who does it all and when? 

KU Leuven’s quality assurance method in a nutshell, that’s all it takes. An informative and interactive session with tools for every stuver who will participate in the COBRA discussions or just wants to know more about it. 

Time for reflection, in need for a fresh look, looking for renewal? At a hearing, random students from a programme or faculty are selected to sit together in a small group around well-defined themes.                                                     

The student council can help with the selection, the search for rooms, catering and, more substantively, with drawing up the agenda and any initial questions.

Would you like to (for example, with your fellow POC members) have more explanation on those often quoted ECTS course descriptions? What does ECTS actually stand for? What is its impact?

Why not for a whole day? Offer your students a day of training sessions, ending with a nice reception. This is offered within the realm of the possible. You can make your own composition of training sessions.

These can be different sessions: either we go deeply into one specific case, or the general knowledge about current cases is refined, depending on your needs.

An open educational meeting is the moment to discuss the agenda of your next meeting or to think about a certain theme. The Student Council KU Leuven helps you by reserving a room, sending the invitation to all students and depending on the time of day, snacks and drinks can be provided. On the content side, we are ready to support you with setting up an agenda and making notes.

Take a look at the neighbours! How are your fellow stooges doing at another faculty or university?

How much say do students have there? What about orientation and flexibilisation? How much does studying cost there?

A visit to another university is a good opportunity to consult, get inspired and exchange ideas.

Can the student council help you establish contacts, arrange transport, draw up an invitation, apply for subsidies? We will look at your question individually.

Do concepts such as subsidiarity, GeBu, Faculty Council and Group Board mean nothing to you? In this session, we take a closer look at the jumble that KU Leuven is. We will zoom in on the decision-making processes and in the meantime we will also tell you the latest news!

New training courses are constantly being put together by the staff members, and on request a session is tailor-made according to the wishes and needs of the participants.

Would you like to have a training?