Join us to shape the future of KU Leuven

Wait, who?

The KU Leuven Student Council is the official Student Council of KU Leuven. We represent all 60.000 students of KU Leuven at all campuses in Flanders. Through student representatives from all faculties, we gather opinions of all students and work together with KU Leuven to optimise our education.

Mandatary, what's that?

A mandatary for Stura is a volunteer
who is committed to advocating the student voice at numerous meetings. For eample, if you are a mandatary diversity & inclusion, you attend the diversity council and the working groups under it. Our mandataries work on files such as the milestone, course evaluations and menstrual anaemia. 

How do I become part of Stura?

List of mandates

Below we give an overview of the mandates at Student Council KU Leuven. Each mandate also includes a mandate profile where you can find more information on what the mandate exactly entails and what you can expect from it. The availability of each mandate can be found by clicking on ‘more info’.

Daily Board


As chairperson, you are the head of the Student Council. In other words, you make sure the Student Council stays running. The chair takes place in the Executive Board (GeBu) with the Rector and Vice-rectors.


As vice-chair, on the one hand, you take on full support of the president. On the other hand, you ensure a pleasant working atmosphere within the team. The vice-chair is a member of the Academic Council.

General Administrator

As General Administrator you are responsible for the non-profit organization behind the Student Council KU Leuven. You are responsible for the finances and infrastructure.

Campus coordinator

As Campus coordinator, you will ensure that the KU Leuven Student Council adequately represents all students on all campuses at KU Leuven.

Academic Council

As Academic Council Mandatary, you represent all KU Leuven students in the Academic Council. You work around KU Leuven’s long-term vision and take on an important role in the Student Council Board. Furthermore, you are a sympathetic ear for the concerns of the FO chairs from your group.

General Board

Education Council

The Education Council is the hub of Education Policy at KU Leuven. Advice is formulated for the Academic Council. As Education Council representative, you sit in various working groups, for example on the REE and the milestone.


As international mandatary, you create a university where international students feel welcome. You serve on the Council on International Policy (RIB) and the Interfaculty Development Council (IRO).

UNA Europa

As UNA Europe mandatary, you are responsible for representing KU Leuven students in the UNA Europa Student Board, among others. Within this mandate you work closely together with the mandataries International.


As Sustainability mandatary, you will make the effort to create a more sustainable university by advocating the interests of all KU Leuven students on the Sustainability Council, as well as on various related advisory bodies and committees.

Diversity & Inclusion

As Diversity & Inclusion mandatary, you will make the effort to create a more inclusive university by advocating the interests of all KU Leuven students on the Diversity Council, as well as on various related advisory bodies and committees


As Culture mandatary, you are a member of the KU Leuven Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee (CKE). This committee is responsible for cultural affairs at KU Leuven and advises on cultural policy and budget spending.

Master of Teaching

As Master of Teaching mandatary you coordinate the representation of all students within the Master of Teaching programmes. You will attend various bodies on behalf of the Student Council.


As ICTS mandatary, you are responsible for student representation in the various advisory boards and decision-making bodies that set short- and long-term priorities regarding ICT in education.

Student services

As student services (Stuvo) mandatary, you go to the decretal Stuvo council, as well as to other meetings related to the policy area ‘life’. You maintain contacts with all campuses and sub-stuvo boards.


Are you a student at KU Leuven, and do you take up more than 25 ECTS? Then you can become a mandatary! However, you also have to be elected by the General Assembly. Experience in a POC or at Faculty level is definitely a plus, but for most mandates not a requirement to stand for election. 

As a mandatary, you go to meetings that are relevant to your mandate. This number varies greatly depending on what mandate you want to do. In addition, where necessary, you will write a note for the General Assembly (GA). This is a discussion of a topic where the GA holds a discussion and takes a position afterwards. Your job is to provide the necessary context on the topic and answer any questions during the discussion. Finally, you are expected to attend the General Board meetings (Monday evening every two weeks) and the General Assembly (Friday evening every two weeks). 

You will present yourself to the members of the General Assembly and answer a few substantive questions afterwards. You will be given preparation time for this. The Neutral Election Committee runs the elections. These are a few people partly from the current team and partly from the General Assembly. once you are elected, you are a member of the General Board. This “is” Stura. 

The deadline to run for office is eight days before the actual election. Elections are possible at all GA’s for Academic year 2022-2023. You can find a calendar with all dates of the GA’s under ‘our operation’ -> ‘general assembly’. If you want to run for office, please submit your candidacy no later than eight days in advance at with the words “Candidacy mandate ‘x’ 2022-2023 first name surname” in the subject of the email.

Your candidacy includes your resume and a cover letter explaining why you would like to do a particular mandate.