What is AFIS?

AFIS is the Assembly for International Students. At this event, all international students come together, voice their opinions and share their thoughts. Topics covered do not only range from educational aspects to student participation, but also cover questions about student life on campus as well as off-campus.


What can I discuss at AFIS? Depending on which topics are currently being discussed by the many student representatives and volunteers of student associations, every AFIS has a different focus. With AFIS, we would like to get a better overview of international student atmosphere in Leuven and Brussels. Of course you’re always welcome to add your own topics to our meeting.

How can I benefit? You can benefit in several ways such as by enjoying the cozy atmosphere at AFIS with friends, an atmosphere to exchange ideas with other international students and with your student representatives as well as by a little thank-you.

Hearing your voice, we can represent you as an international student best and advocate for your ideas in order to make the most of your educational stay.

Interested in AFIS? Our last AFIS of the semester at the Brussels campus took place on the 24th of April 2024. The next AFIS Leuven will take place later this semester, location and date TBA.

Do you have questions? Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. Please contact internationaal@stura.be if you have any further questions.


All international students are invited to voice their opinions. If you are a Flemish student, we kindly ask you to consult your faculty’s student representatives or the respective mandataries of Stura for your concern.
We will appreciate your opinion as much as in any other case. It is very important that you voice also your opinion about aspects that work well, so we are able to get a comprehensive overview of the atmosphere by all international students. Beside this, you can spend a nice evening with your friends, connect with new people and get to know your student representatives. On top of this, you may also be provided with a little thank-you.

AFIS takes place up to two times per academic year. Most likely, there will be an AFIS towards the end of the respective term, but before the start of the exam period (‘blokperiode’). The last edition in Brussels took place on April 24th and the next edition in Leuven will take place later this semester, date and time TBA. 

This year, AFIS will be organized at campus Brussels and campus Leuven.

At AFIS, we can discuss your concerns with confidentiality. We will provide dedicated space, where you can discuss your topics with one of our student representatives. Let us know during the event if you would like to talk about a sensitive topic with us. If necessary, we will be able to refer you to the appropriate entities. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch! You can contact internationaal@stura.be.
We are happy to help you.