Help, I’m a moderator! What do I do? 

Have you received the great honour to work as a moderator? Then you are the moderator during the biennial COBRA discussions with students. You involve absent conversational partners, make nervous people feel at ease and prevent that one assertive person from taking over the conversation. This doesn’t all sound easy, do you? No problem! As a student council, we provide all kinds of training initiatives to get you ready for the student conversation.

Basic training for moderators

This training component is aimed at all moderators. After participating, moderators are equipped with a rich arsenal of conversation techniques. We also discuss the ideal conversation preparation, room layout and reporting. Attention is also paid to the theory of COBRA and the ethical side of conversation moderation. Because of the corona pandemic, students can follow the training entirely online via Toledo, the learning platform of the KU Leuven.

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Expansion package

Some of you will feel totally prepared after having gone through the Toledo learning module. Does this not sound like you? Then take a look at the additional training possibilities Stura provides.

Individual coaching

Do you still have questions about specific aspects of moderating COBRA discussions? Request a coaching session by e-mail! During a Skype conversation, we will then address your individual support needs.

Digital simulation

Would you like to practice moderating more? For moderators, Stura provides digital group sessions with a discussion simulation each time. Request a simulation by e-mail, and we will contact you as soon as one is organised.