Welcome to Stura!

Whether you study at Campus Brussels, Geel or Leuven, whether you are residing in a dorm or commuting, whether you are studying for the first year or have been a student for several years… Student Council KU Leuven will be available for you, regardless of the circumstances.

Do you have a question that has to do with your study programme? Then you can always contact your Faculty representatives. If you are not sure who your faculty representatives are, be sure to check out our ‘representation’ page, where you can also find your campus representation!

Do you have a more general question or do you not know who to turn to? Contact us and we will help you out!

Wait, who?

The KU Leuven Student Council is the official Student Council of KU Leuven. We represent all 60.000 students of KU Leuven at all campuses in Flanders. Through student representatives from all faculties, we gather opinions of all students and work together with KU Leuven to optimise our education.

Stances are democratically formed by our General Assembly (GA), to bring the student voice into university policy.