Financial Support

For Faculty Consultative Bodies! 
For every FO

                                  €133,58                                 Stura intervenes in the filing costs with the registry. If the FO simultaneously is a praesidium, it has been agreed on with LOKO that Stura will take care of this cost.


This budget can be used by the FO to have banners or posters printed for events or for recruitment purposes. It can also be used for digital promotion. This also includes the support for the purchase of pullovers.


FOs can use this to organise team-building events with their members. Certainly it would be nice if
Stura receives some photos for the annual report.

General support


This includes transport costs in three categories:
1. journeys to Stura meetings or activities
2. journeys to FO meetings or activities
3. displacements to faculty meetings

Please note: this offer is only valid for multi-campus FO’s

Project grants


This includes all sorts of activities that an FO can organise for its members or the wider
student population. The project grants consist of a total budget across all FOs. Individual applications are approved by Stura. 

How to apply for an allowance

There are two types of FOs: VZW’s and actual associations. VZW’s have to make an invoice for the full amount of VZW grants, promotion material and team building (total: €398.58). In return, we ask that the FOs provide pictures for the annual report. Actual associations have to submit a separate expense report for each activity. Stura then keeps track of how much they have left.