Who are we?

Behind the name “Stura” or “student council” is of course a complete team that is continuously working on student representation. On this page you will find the functions and email details of each team member.

Do you want to know more about us? Then take a look at our meet the team-booklet (NL)

Daily Board

The Daily Board takes care of the daily operations of Stura. They are there for Stura day in and day out and form the “core” of our student council.

General Board

The General Board (AB) is the complete team behind Stura, they make sure the student council runs correctly. The mandataries in the GB are each specialised in a certain topic.


The staff members can be considered the backbone of Stura. They provide the necessary support to the entire GB.

Daily Board

Klaas Collin



Master in Engineering: Mechanical Engineering, option Thermotechnical Sciences
Email Klaas

Dennis Gelders



Master of European Studies
Email Dennis

Charlotte Devriese



Master of Law
Email Charlotte

Kristof Gielis

Academic Council

Group Director Biomedical Sciences

Master of Medicine
Email Kristof

Toon Robberecht

Academic Council

Group Director Humanities and Social Sciences

Master of Musicology
Email Toon

General Board

Anke Maes

Education Council
Master of Education Sciences: Education and Training Sciences
Email Anke

Pepijn Nollet

Education Council
Master of Government Management and Policy
Email Pepijn

Karim Réga

Diversity & Sustainability
Master of Mathematics & Master of Physics
Email Karim

Alexander Clark

Abridged Bachelor of Bio-engineering Sciences
Email Alexander

Helena Baeyens

Master of Business Administration
Email Helena

Staff members

Julie Bekaert


Staff Central

Email Julie

Wout Stans

Quality assurance

Staff Quality assurance

Email Wout

Rianne Brinksma


Staff Communication

Email Rianne