Who are we?

Behind the name “Stura” or “student council” is of course a complete team that is continuously working on student representation. On this page you will find the responsibilities and contact details of each team member.

Daily Board

The Daily Board takes care of the daily operations of Stura. They are there for Stura day in and day out and form the core of our student council.

Toon Robberecht


Hannelore Durt


Vincent Hofmans

General Administrator

Matthias D'helft

Campus coordinator

Stijn Lapere

Group board SET Academic Council

Marte Polspoel

Group board HUM Academic Council

General Board

The General Board (GB) is the complete team behind Stura, they make sure the student council runs correctly. The mandataries in the GB are each specialised in a certain topic.

Eline Gonnissen

Education Council

Andreas Vandingenen

Education Council

Aurélie Van delm

Master of Teaching

Christiana Galani


Robin Kokot


Niklas Angelov


Marieke Laenen

UNA Europa

Liesa Vosch


Dries Paesen


Yune Paepe

Diversity & Inclusion

Stijn Oosterlinck

Diversity & Inclusion

Ruben Kindt


Tom Konings

Student Services

Hélène Vrielynck

Student Services

Staff members

The staff members can be considered the backbone of Stura. They provide the necessary support to the entire GB.

Loren Du Rochez

General & Training

Rianne Brinksma


Simon Stoops

Jobstudent Administration